White Sale

January White Sale

Exhibited at the Loretta Howard Gallery
Curated by Beth Rudin de Woody
January - February 2011



Exhibited at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery
March 2009
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In this latest exhibition, Villere is working with the concept of camouflage and presents an entire gallery of white art works including paintings and sculpture that utilize her signature combination of materials such as porcelain, gauze, wire, mirror, twine, oil, and canvas. In all over twenty different materials are used in creating this body of work.

In her own words: “Trying to blend in as a strategy to survive, Camouflage is a series of self-portraits revealing the contradictions of self-preservation.”

Selected collections include Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans Museum of Art, Roger Ogden, Saks Fifth Avenue Department Stores (Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Beverly Hills), The late Howard Barnett, James Mounger, Wendy and George Rodrigue, Louellen and Darryl Berger, Dr. Jonathan Lampert, Steve and Dana Hansel. View Installation Shots >

Material Show


Curated by Sidonie Villere and Mia Kaplan
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The idea behind Material is to continue the contemporary contextualization of clay as any other sculptural medium. Through this idea we wanted to also expose the unlimited potential of clay and the profound relationships created when other materials are incorporated. Also as an underlying theme we wanted to explore the use of multiples as a trend in ceramic sculpture today. In this show, systems, cycles, transformation and ritual are some of the artists concepts generated through the use of the multiple. With this work, the four both established and emerging artists, all reflect these contemporary philosophies and non-traditional approaches. View Project >